Monday, January 25, 2021

Safety Indoors This Winter

Black and white cartoon of person in hat being coronavirus-responsible

We’re indoors more in the winter, and that makes it easier for respiratory viruses to spread. The
University of Minnesota has several suggestions of how to make winter at home safer this year by layering varied protective measures.

Of course, we should continue wearing face masks in public indoor areas such as stores. Social distancing is still a strong recommendation; the University recommends thinking of an appropriate separation as being in your own individual parking lot space.

Recommendations that may be new to you come with explanations. Since respiratory viruses are spread by aerosol transmission, you will want to limit conversations and being in the same space as another person to less than 15 minutes to avoid sharing each other’s breath. Even talking more quietly or not talking unless necessary can reduce transmission of respiratory viruses.

We can improve indoor ventilation by operating window air conditioners with an outdoor vent, or opening windows if the weather permits; or we can establish safer work zones using full-length plastic curtains and portable air purifiers.

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