Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Things to Do - Donate Used Clothing During the Pandemic

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A widely circulated idea is that “No One Wants Your Used Clothes Anymore.” But this isn’t actually true. The economic crisis accompanying the pandemic has many individuals and families seeking free or inexpensive clothing.

Check first with local thrift stores. COVID has changed store policies. They may no longer provide pick up services, but many have drop off locations. Find additional COVID response information for national thrift store organizations here:

Online thrift and consignment stores allow you to make a little cash for clothing you are willing to part with. One large popular site is ThredUP for women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, and children’s wear. You pack up your discards in their free shipping package and send it to ThredUP; they take it from there. You can earn cash or shopping credits on the site.

Poshmark bills itself as a “social marketplace for new and secondhand style.” They accept clothing for women, men and children, as well as home decor and (only new) beauty items. You set up a sales “closet” for your discards that buyers can shop online, and Poshmark takes a commission on your sales.

Online peer-to-peer marketing is another option. For example, eBay provides additional support for buyers and sellers during the pandemic.

You can’t use the excuse that no-one will accept gently used clothing now to avoid cleaning out your closet. As Planet Aid points out, you can help other people and aid the Earth by donating your used textiles and secondhand clothing responsibly.

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