Monday, July 31, 2017

Reading Recommendation: "The Mark of the Lion"

Contributing Author: Ava Tresor

I like my books like I like my movies; heaps of history and romance! My favorite book series is written by Francine Rivers and is titled “Mark of the Lion”. The collection is based on life from the perspective of a slave girl named Hadassah living under the harsh rule of the Roman Empire in AD 117.

The series begins with Hadassah living in her homeland, Israel, trying to stay alive while watching Rome destroy her community and all that she has ever known. Her desperate attempt to remain a free Hebrew child does not last very long before she was sold to a Roman family in Europe. Her life changes drastically in her unfamiliar surroundings and for the next three books, Hadassah takes the reader on a horrific yet inspiring journey into a whole new world.

I highly recommend this series for anyone but especially those that are interested in historical events, characters, religion, passion, war, and love.

Image credit: Pixabay

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