Wednesday, September 23, 2020

TIP - How does exercise help manage stress?

Woman in black leggings in yoga pose with phone app
Woman in black leggings in yoga pose with phone app

Exercise is not just good for weight loss and general physical fitness. It also helps you manage stress. How does that work? 

Stress, both chronic and acute, has many effects on our health. Direct effects include increasing the risk of chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia. Indirect effects of stress include impacts on health-related behaviors.

Exercise helps your brain release endorphins, hormones that increase your feeling of energy. It can reduce systemic inflammation that is harmful to body functions. Regular exercise slows aging related declines in many body systems. Exercise can even improve your sleep.

And of course when you are thinking about exercising. you are distracted from obsessing over whatever was causing you stress. Exercise can even decrease stress-related snacking and overeating!

So get moving, and feel better in many ways.

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