Sunday, September 13, 2020

National Preparedness Month - Week 2

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The objective of the second week of National Preparedness Month is to build a disaster response kit for yourself or your family. 

Everyone should have common supplies tor three days, such as water (a gallon per person per day), food, a flashlight and first aid kit. Be sure to plan for anything needed specifically by infants, children, or the elderly. 

Additional supplies you will want in your emergency kit if you have a health condition or disability include prescription and nonprescription medications, prescription eyeglasses, contact lens solution, and extra hearing aid batteries, food, water, and other items necessary for a guide dog or other companion animal. Don’t forget hygiene supplies and mobility equipment.

If you are employed, you should maintain some supplies at work in case you need to shelter there during an emergency. You will also want an emergency kit in your car. You may need different supplies for different situations, such as a bedside kit if you can’t go to other parts to your home, or an easily carried grab-and-go kit for evacuating to another location.

Here are some resources with ideas of contents you may need for your emergency kit:

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