Sunday, September 20, 2020

National Preparedness Month - Week 4

Picture of Scrabble game tiles spelling "Ready"
Picture of Scrabble game tiles spelling "Ready"

The objective of the final week of National Preparedness Month is to teach youth about preparedness. Every family member should be prepared for emergencies, no matter their age.

It is important for parents to reassure younger children by including them in family preparedness planning. Older children need to be prepared so they know what to do if you are separated before, during or after a disaster.

It is important for responsible adults to listen to children and youth, ask them about their feelings, and validate their concerns. Children want to feel safe and need some information to understand what is happening when their lives change. However, it is wise to limit their media exposure as news stories can be frightening. It also helps to keep as much of an ordinary daily routine as possible under the circumstances.

Here are some helpful resources:

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