Thursday, March 14, 2019

Junk Journaling for Rehab

By OperativePhoenix, Virtual Ability community member

I've been debating over what to do with some of my memory clutters like old photos and school papers.  I couldn't quite come to throw them out since I've been a packrat.  I do organize and clean my room from time to time, but my storage has always been cluttered.  One day, YouTube was recommending some Junk Journal Artist videos.  I clicked them to see what they were.  And boom, they hit me like a thunder.  They recycled garbage and clutter and they created some fascinating junk journals with what they had.

Since the day I discovered what junk journals were all about, I've started my own effort to create my own journals.  My hands struggled to use a craft knife and cut out some shapes, and I was challenged to do some embroidery and sewing with my feeble hands.  However, as I struggled to do some things I used to do before the car accident, I started to find myself enjoying doing something in real life.  Sure, I cut some wrong places, or my sewing are kinda crappy looking.  However, many junk journal artists suggest how there are no mistakes in junk journaling.

Some of the junk journalists even suggested collaging instead of writing.  I'm a habitual skipper of writing a diary or I end up writing negative things in my diary and never bother to go back there.   Junk journalists keep journals on random days.  So, I realized I don't have to worry about keeping a journal every day.  I decided to make mine a gratitude journal.  Only keep something I feel good about.

My life changed completely after I decided to work on my journal.  Everywhere I look now, I think about collaging or getting papers for my journal, paying attention to some positive quotes and pictures.  It's been fun and I feel like I am moving one step forward toward becoming more positive.

Two great YouTube videos about Junk Journaling:

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