Friday, March 15, 2019

February 7th (or any day really) is Send A Card To A Friend Day!

By Orange Planer, Virtual Ability community member

There are a wide variety of ways you can send someone a card.
  • Postal Mail!  You write someone a card in your own handwriting, put it in an envelope, add a stamp for just a few cents, and someone picks it up and delivers it for you!  There's nothing more personal and enjoyable.
  • Email!  Who said you had to have a fancy "card"?  All you need is to send them a note that you're thinking of them.  You can add a picture of your own creation (got a cell phone or a camera?), doodles you can make in Windows Paint, the Mac equivalent, or some other application.
  • Online eCard companies!
    •  this is a for-pay site only but it's pretty cheap and the quality is very good.
    •  cards and invitations are sent with advertisements to help them keep the site free.  Some features are for-pay only, such as specialized cards, sending cards with pictures, or removing advertisements.
    • And more:  go to any search engine and look for "free online ecards."
  • Social media sites such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Are they nearby?  Call ahead and drop a card off at their house!
  • And more.  Use your imagination and have fun with it.