Saturday, June 8, 2024

Healthinfo Island poster sets for June

You can teleport to any of the eight displays and exhibits using the SLURLs in this posting. In Second Life, click on the poster with the same name as the title of the poster set, and you will get a notecard that contains all the text of the posters plus descriptions of the images.  If you click each poster, you will get a private message with additional information and live links.

Central Pavilion of Healthinfo Island
Check out the calming breathing exercise on the back wall!

June is Men's Health Month. All the poster sets this month deal with various aspects of men's health. You might want to save the quiz for last. The answers are found on posters in the other 7 sets this month. A lot of the information is useful for women as well!

Information on climate change anxiety is poster set 8.

Gay Men, Bisexual Men, and Transgendered Individuals Have Distinct Health Issues - with Pride Flag

5. Gay/Bi/Trans Men Have Distinct Health Issues

Who's Got Freckles? - 4 Faces with Freckles

7. Men: What screenings do you need?  (Photo Caption: Everyone needs regular health screenings.  Men are less likely to be screened than women and are less likely to have a regular physician.  Different tests are done at different ages.  Family history and lifestyle also play a role in determining what to screen for and when.  Use this display as a guide to determine what questions to ask your doctor.)

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