Sunday, August 21, 2022

Resilience May Be More Important Than Happiness

Resilient person

Resilience is a personal ability to protect oneself from negative mental or emotional stressors with coping skills, in order to quickly return to normal. It is an important personal characteristic that allows an individual to be able to “move on” after a crisis event.

Resilience is not something anyone is born with. It is a set of learned skills, and anyone can improve their skillset. Using resilience skills becomes a habit that changes how you look at troubles and problems into seeing them as growth opportunities.

Resilience helps you become authentic, curious about the future and positively open and vulnerable to new experiences. You see the value of challenges and recognize the value of failures. Resilience also improves your overall mood by releasing serotonin.

Here are some skills you can practice to improve your resilience:

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