Saturday, August 20, 2022

Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Your mind is the solution!

Most of us often engage in problem-centered thinking. It’s totally normal. However, because it tends to focus our attention on negatives, it is also an important factor in lowering your self-confidence. A healthier process would be to focus on solutions instead of problems. 

Another way to think of that is working toward goals. Here are some ways to move toward a more solution-focused than problem-focused thought process.

  1. Recognize when you are focused on problems. This type of thought can be experienced as anger, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt or stress. (Hint: This may be easier to recognize in someone other than yourself. What are you seeing in someone who is problem-focused?)
  2. Change to positive thinking about yourself. What were your successes in the previous day? What went well for you? (Hint: Even small positives count on this list.)
  3. Set a daily improvement goal. Choose one little thing to do differently tomorrow that will change your life path toward a solution focus. You are designing your preferred future.

Remember, you are learning a new skill. As you progress with new little daily goals, you will gradually acquire a solution-focused mindset rather than a problem-focused one. You will have improved your mental health and strengthened your resilience.

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