Saturday, March 12, 2022

Start Your Day with Humor

Frog husband takes picture o frog wife

Things always seem to go wrong in the mornings, whether you are trying to get yourself out the door to that morning meeting at work, if you have three young children to get ready for school, or even if you work from home but have to take care of pets before you can settle down to an important Zoom meeting. You can’t find your car keys. The dog ate the middle kid’s homework, the youngest threw up and seems to have a fever, and the oldest doesn’t want a bologna sandwich in her lunch. Someone left the lid off the trash bin and the dogs got into it overnight, spreading garbage all over the kitchen floor.

What to do to maintain your sanity?

A dose of humor will help. Look up some jokes online that you can share or chuckle over by yourself to share later with a colleague. Listen to a comedy show. Share some (good) news photos and make up silly captions with the kids. 

If humor won’t be adequate to get you through a weekday morning, it is great to have taken care of as many morning matters as possible the night before. Pack lunches, backpacks, and briefcases. Look over the family event calendar to be sure everyone is prepared for what will take place tomorrow. Check that all signed permission forms are ready to go, and that homework (theirs and yours) has been completed. Put the car keys and personal grooming tools where they belong. Set out tomorrow’s clothing selection. 

Best of all, adopt a new attitude. There never was and never will be a perfect morning routine. The most you can achieve is your best, and that may not be perfect. Learn to accept this. What you do in the morning is far more important than what doesn’t get done.

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  1. Yes, and what helps me a lot is to think of the whole universe as a bit of a big cosmic joke!
    When something goes bad, I just laugh it off. ;)


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