Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Healthinfo Island Displays and Exhibits for March 2022

You can teleport to any of the eight displays and exhibits using the SLURLs in this blog by clicking the links below. Click on the poster with the same name as the title of the poster set, and you will get a notecard that contains all the text of the posters plus descriptions of the images. 

If you click each poster, you will get a message with additional information and live links.

Infectious Disease Timeline, 1796-1971

Infectious Disease Timeline, 1952-present

Childhood Vaccination Requirements

Learn About Vaccines

Insulin Resistance

March is National Social Work Month

Accessibility FAILS: Ramps

Accessibility FAILS: Toilets

I think my favorite FAIL poster is the one I call the Ski Jump Wheelchair Ramp. Which one is yours?

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