Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mental Health Mini Film Festival #2 of 4: “Bedlam: The history of Bethlem Hospital”

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What: Mental Health Mini Film Festival
When: May 31 - June 8
  • We will view each film together, commenting throughout in text chat. Then we will discuss when we are all done viewing. Each film is Closed Captioned.

Second Entry!

What: “Bedlam: The history of Bethlem Hospital”
When: Monday, June 1, 2pm SLT
Where: Blue Orchid Cabana Classroom, Virtual Ability island
  • This film documents the infamous psychiatric facility through archaeology and the research of psychiatric historians. Skeletons in a graveyard under the streets of London and antique texts help us understand the cruel and inhumane treatments of persons who may (or may not) have been mentally ill that were common from the 1600s up into modern times.

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