Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Humpday Hint: Tech Tip - Locating a "Lost" Cursor

Contributing Author: Alice Krueger

If you have trouble seeing, or simply have multiple windows open at once, it can be frustrating to find the cursor. Here are some tips to try.

On computers using Windows

  • Go to the classic Control Panel, then Mouse Options.
  • Under the Pointers tab, you can choose Large or Extra Large.
  • Under the Pointers Options tab, you can Display Pointer Trails to see the cursor as it moves.
  • Still in the Pointers Options tab, at the bottom, you can choose to "Show Location of Pointer When I Press the CTRL Key."
  • Remember to click OK to save your changes.

On many Macs

  • Go to Universal Access (or Accessibility) in system preferences.
  • Cick the Mouse tab, and use the Cursor Size slider to increase the size of the cursor. But you may not want a permanently larger cursor, so read on.
  • If you use a Mac, OS X, v10.4 or later, you can download the free Mouse Locator app, which circles the cursor in green when you want to find it.
  • If you have the El Capitan Mac OS, simply wiggle the mouse, and the cursor will temporarily enlarge.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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