Monday, February 20, 2017

30 Useful Life Hacks: Volume 1

Compiled by: The Tortoise

1 Bounce batteries to see if they are good or bad. Drop them on a table from about 4 inches -- if they give one low flat bounce and fall right over, they're good. If they bounce around more than that, or bounce high, they're dead or on their way out.

2 If you want to render something you wrote effectively illegible, don't cross it out with lines. Instead, write random letters and words over your original writing.

3 To make a simple and effective cookbook holder, hook a trousers hanger over the kitchen cupboard door knob above your work surface, slip your open recipe book into its two hanger clips and voilĂ  -- a vertical recipe book display in front of your nose!

4 To chill a warm beer or bottled drink very quickly, wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and put it in the freezer for 3 minutes.

5 Serving condiments at a BBQ? Use a muffin tin to serve 6 or more condiments at a go (depending on the size of your muffin tin), and save on the dishes. More ideas here!

6 Keep wrapping paper neat by cutting a toilet paper cardboard roll lengthwise on one side, then slipping it over the wrapping paper roll like a cuff.

7 Make ice cubes out of the same liquid they are going to be used in, such as tea, coffee, wine, etc. This will prevent your drinks from being watered down.

8 If you use your phone for a bedside alarm, you can increase its volume by putting the phone inside a cup or glass to amplify the sound.

9 To stop a pot from boiling over, place a wooden spoon across the pot's top.

10 To find small items such as earrings, cover the end of a vacuum cleaner with an old stocking and secure with a rubber band. Now the vacuum can't swallow the items.

11 Try adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when boiling an egg. It helps to get the shell off without fuss.

12 To cover dings on wooden furniture, rub a (shelled!) walnut on the scuff marks.

13 Another scratched furniture remedy: rub scratches with an equal amount of olive oil to vinegar, leave on for a minute and wipe off.

14 Have your car headlights gone hazy? Use toothpaste to scrub the plastic covers -- its mild abrasiveness will help make the covers clear again.

15 Use plastic bread tabs to hold your spot on a roll of tape.

16 When heating leftover food in the microwave, leave a space in the middle of the plate of food if possible. It will reheat more evenly.

17 If your car starts to overheat, turn on the heater. Cars get heat from their engines, so this helps pull the heat away. Turning on the heater will also open up a larger reservoir of water, allowing heat to dissipate into the car interior.

18 If you have a migraine, putting your hands in ice water and flexing them several times can often get rid of the migraine.

19 If you have to re-use cooking oil, cook a small piece of ginger in it first. This will remove previously instilled flavours and odours from the oil.

20 Eat an orange before working out. It will help prevent your muscles from getting sore.

21 You can use old tube-shaped containers that held stacked potato crisps to store dry spaghetti safely. Want more ideas? Look here!

22 When looking for something you've lost, it helps to scan right to left with your eyes. You'll pick up more because your brain isn't used to reading that way. Reverse this if you normally read text that goes from right to left.

23 If you need to remember something, speak it out loud. You're more likely to remember it than if you just read it silently.

24 If you use hot glue guns, daub a bit of hot glue onto the end of the glue stick and attach another glue stick to it. That way you'll have a long glue stick that won't run out at awkward moments.

25 When backing up a trailer, steer with the bottom of the steering wheel. The direction you turn the wheel is the direction the trailer will move.

26 Avoid clutter with this rule: If you bring one thing in, throw two things out.

27 Hard to open pistachio nut shells can be popped open easily by sticking a used shell in the crack and turning it like a key.

28 Get rid of motion sickness by massaging your wrist at the base of your thumb.

29 Chalk will remove grease stains on clothes. Rub the stain with chalk, then toss the item into the wash as usual.

30 Stuffing a few glow sticks into balloons before blowing them up will give you fabulous glowing coloured balloon lanterns for an evening party.

Images Source: Pixabay

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