Saturday, March 18, 2023

Most Efficient (and Safest) Uses of Kitchen Appliances

We all love kitchen appliances!


Always put liquid ingredients in first, then smallest solid pieces, finishing with the largest. If ice cubes are on the ingredient list, they go in last.

Cool hot foods if possible before blending. If you must blend hot liquids, use the Low or Pulse setting, then gradually increase the speed if necessary. Be sure to keep the lid on, as steam can form and cause the contents to squirt out like lava.


Clean spills as soon as the oven has cooled. Don’t allow them to harden or bake on.

Keep that drawer under the oven empty unless you are keeping cooked food warm while the rest of the meal is cooking. Pots and pans stored the warming drawer can have their finish ruined as they heat up with the rest of the oven.


Load the dishwasher properly for the cleanest wash. For more information:

Wait to run the dishwasher until it is fully loaded to save water and energy. 

Never put new items with stickers on them in the dishwasher. Yes, the labels will peel off. But the adhesive from the stickers can clog up the dishwasher’s filter and pump.


Use round dishes. Square corners don’t heat as evenly and food there can overcook.

Stir salt in before microwaving; don’t leave it on the surface. Otherwise the surface layer can be dried out.

Don’t expect optimal Wi-Fi while using the microwave. They interfere with each other.

For more microwave tips:

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