Monday, October 12, 2020

Tips - The Extra Costs of Living with a Disability


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Balancing the budget when living with a disability

Adults who live with a disability have additional expenditures beyond the ordinary costs of living. This means they have more difficulty saving for future and unexpected expenses, and simply making ends meet to cover monthly expenses. Many adults with disabilities and their families live in poverty.

The National Disability Institute (NDI) is an organization that collaborates with other organizations, including employers, financial institutions, community organizations and government agencies, to help people with disabilities and their families improve their financial literacy and build a better future.

On Wednesday, October 14, at 11am SLT (2 pm Eastern), NDI offers a webinar entitled “The Extra Costs of Living with a Disability.” Researchers who studied this problem will be part of a panel discussing their findings. Other panelists will include persons with disabilities who will share their financial struggles, as well as NDI staff who will give policy recommendations.

Captioning and other accessibility strategies will be offered. To register and for more information about the webinar, please fill out the form here:

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