Saturday, June 20, 2020

How to Grocery Shop Safely During a Pandemic

Grocery store fruits and vegetables
Grocery store fruits and vegetables

Try to shop at a time when it is less likely others will be shopping. Use curbside pick up if available.

If you must go into the store, wear a mask and practice social distancing. Bring your own cloth shopping bags that can be put into the laundry immediately upon unpacking at home. Click here for more information on cleaning and disinfecting reusable bags:

Bring sanitizing wipes and wipes down the handle of the grocery cart before touching it.

Fresh produce is generally a healthy food, but it is presented at the store in ways where it may become contaminated with a variety of germs. This is no reason to avoid it! Instead grab two of the plastic produce bags. Put your hand inside one, and use it to pick up the produce you want to purchase, and put it into the second bag. That makes the first bag act as a protective glove.

Wash your hands after returning from the store, and wash them again once you’ve put everything away in your pantry. Be sure to properly clean produce once you get it home or before you prepare it.

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