Sunday, April 26, 2020

Things to Do - Read

Picture of stories coming to life out of a book
Where stories come to life - BOOKS!

A good way to pass the time in isolation is to read! You can always go back and read classics. Even childhood favorites are fun. When was the last time you read The Jungle Book, or Aesop’s Fables, or The Ugly Duckling?

You can of course pick up and hold a physical book. You might read online printed materials, articles and ebooks. Or you can listen to audiobooks.

You can even visit libraries in virtual worlds. The Virtual Ability community has a library on Cape Serenity that features only works by authors with disabilities. Some are classic books, and others are writings by community members. Here is the SLURL to the Cape Serenity Library:

Here are some resources for obtaining free texts to read.

For free ebooks:

If you are a fan of mangas:

Here are comics to enjoy:

Here are some book lists if you need suggestions of titles you might enjoy or learn from.

And last, twenty free audiobooks everyone should listen to:

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