Saturday, January 5, 2019

How to keep your portion size equal to serving size

Most of us are eating portions of food that exceed the recommended serving size as specified on the Nutrition Facts label. Here are some tips to control the size of portions you eat.
  • Be aware of the serving size on the Nutrition Facts label before you serve yourself.
  • Serve yourself slightly less food than you think you want to eat.
  • Eat slowly and be aware of your food. Use all your senses to enjoy the food’s appearance, texture, smell, temperature and taste. Put your fork or spoon down after each bite so you can concentrate on enjoying your food.
  • Avoid distractions while you are eating. Don’t watch TV, read, or look at your phone at the table. Concentrate on enjoying your meal.
  • Put your food on a plate or in a bowl. Sit at a table while you enjoy your meal. Never eat directly from the container, or while standing up.
  • Notice when you begin to feel satisfied. That’s the time to stop eating, even if you have not finished your portion.

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