Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Humpday Hint: Tips for Modifying Resolutions

Contributing Author: Gentle Heron

Most of us are about ready for Ditch Your Resolutions Day, which is January 17. If you change your resolutions using these tips, you will be more likely to be able to stick with them and accomplish your goals.
  1. Start slow and gradual.
    instead of a fitness goal of exercising every day, aim for twice a week. It’s a more attainable goal.
    You don’t have to implement all your resolutions at the same time. Stagger their start dates so you’re only making one change at a time.
  2. Set attainable goals.
    Start yourself off with a small success. You’re more likely to stick with that goal. Change a long-term weight loss amount resolution (“I will lose 25 pounds by summer.”) into a weekly behavior change goal (“I won’t eat while watching TV.” or “I will have a fruit or vegetable at every meal this week.”)
  3. Allow for exceptions.
    You don’t need to go “all or nothing” on most life changes. For instance, don’t outlaw all carbs. They are a source of food energy, and many are healthy and contain fiber.
    Don’t deny yourself all sweets. A piece of fruit is healthy. And one candy bar once in a while isn’t likely to derail your whole diet improvement plan. Forgive yourself and move on.
  4. Avoid the trends.
    You don’t need fancy diet foods, fad diets or the newest fitness program at the gym. Use common everyday items and activities to reach your long range goals.
  5. Don’t try to go “cold turkey.”
    Gradually changing long-held habits generally works best. Find healthy alternatives and add them slowly to your routine.

Image sources: Public Domain Pictures and Pixabay

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