Friday, October 13, 2017

October Displays on Healthinfo Island

After you drop off your pizza recipes in the collector at the Healthinfo Island Farmer's Market (you DID do that, didn't you?), you can take a short, scenic walk across the river to the Healthy Living displays. They are highly informative and worth your while. The topics of the displays and their locations in SLURL format are listed below. Once in world, teleport to the central pavilion on Healthinfo Island and explore, or you can teleport directly to the display locations.

October is...

Displays Remaining from September:

Other Displays of Interest:

While you are there, click the title poster of the exhibit or display to get a full text notecard. Click each poster for live links and text chat.

Thanks to Mook Wheeler for creating the exhibit and display materials for Healthinfo Island.

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