Friday, May 26, 2017

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May has traditionally been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month. In addition to hosting the annual Mental Health Symposium, a free professional conference open to the general public (full schedule here), the Virtual Ability community posts exhibits and displays related to mental health on its Healthinfo Island.

A major display for Mental Health Awareness Month may be found here:

Another display about Brain Injury and Mental Health can be viewed here:

An exhibit on Bipolar Disorder is seen here:

Click the title poster of the exhibit or display to get a full text notecard. Click each poster for live links and text chat.

Other exhibits and displays on Healthinfo Island during May include:

Thanks to Mook Wheeler and Namaara MacMoragh for creating these exhibit and display materials for Healthinfo Island.

An additional resource available on Healthinfo Island is the Path of Support. The Path is bordered by posters representing over 120 peer support groups available in Second Life for individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Numerous groups are available to support individuals with mental health issues. Click a poster and you will receive information about the group and how to join it.

Virtual Ability maintains Healthinfo Island as a health and wellness resource for the entire Second Life population. Please visit there soon to see what is available.

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