Monday, April 18, 2016

The Best Thing About Community is People

Community. Friendship. Support. All these abstract concepts have one thing in common: they need people. Note that "people" is a plural term. Together, people make a difference that is felt by the individuals within the community and by those who observe them.
Virtual Ability in Second Life has been making a difference for individuals since 2007. It started with three people, then one by one, and more and more. Now nearly nine years later, we are a thriving virtual community of more than a thousand individuals. VAI is branching out; there is also an outpost on Beacon Bay in InWorldz.
ECLIPSE Magazine published their latest issue today, with an article that spotlights Virtual Ability and what it does for people in Second Life, in the words of a few members of its community. To our delight, author Cajsa Lilliehook absolutely nailed the message. We encourage you to view the issue, found here: The article begins on page 112.
You can also visit the Virtual Ability website testimonials page for thoughts of other individuals, in their own words. Members of our community find friends and support. We are empowered to do things we cannot do in the physical world. Virtual Ability, Inc.&reg and Second Life® enable this, because what people do there is less about our "dis" and far more about our ability.

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