Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Tip - If your bath towels smell musty…

A musty smell, like in a damp old basement, is caused by mold growth. Mold or mildew is a type of fungus which grows on organic matter in high moisture environments like bathrooms. DO NOT USE towels that smell musty. The fungus can transfer to your skin and cause infection.

Wash musty-smelling towels without other items in the machine. Use hot water and bleach. Dry at the highest heat possible.

If after bleaching and high-heat drying the towels still smell musty, discard and replace them. It will probably not be possible to rid them totally of mold.

To prevent mold from growing on towels, be sure to dry them completely between uses. If the bathroom is too damp to allow towels to dry, consider hanging them in another room. Allow towels to dry before placing them in the laundry basket or hamper.

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