Tuesday, January 9, 2024

January is One Health Awareness Month

People, other animals, plants, and our mutual global environment are all intimately connected. The health of any one of these is linked to the health of all the others. Protecting the environment, plants, or animals protects humans.

This is the concept of One Health.

Recognizing this interconnectedness and acting responsibly on it requires a collaborative approach from all segments of our society. We must safeguard the environment and all living things in order to protect human health.

For background information about One Health Awareness Month:

From the One Health Commission: https://www.onehealthcommission.org/en/events_since_2001/one_health_awareness_month/

From the Centers for Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov/onehealth/index.html 

Links for research and other resources about One Health:

From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPD): https://www.epa.gov/one-health/one-health-research-tools-resources

One Health Library: https://www.onehealthcommission.org/en/resources__services/one_health_library/

Tools and Toolkits: https://www.onehealthcommission.org/en/resources__services/one_health_tools__toolkits/ 


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