Sunday, February 13, 2022

Weather Tip - What is a Blizzard?

The TV weatherman is calling for a blizzard. What does that mean?

Blizzards are significant winter storms that can cause lots of problems and damage., The National Weather Services has defied a blizzard as a winter storm with:

  • 3 consecutive hours or more with considerable falling and/or blowing snow,
  • visibility of a quarter mile or less, and
  • frequent wind gusts or sustained winds at or over 35mph (56 km/hr).

A ground blizzard occurs when snow is not actually falling, but loose snow on the ground is being blown about by strong winds.

For more definitions and a nice wind-chill chart:

Here’s information on how to prepare to survive during a blizzard. The most important advice: Don’t leave your home!


Some people even find joy in blizzards.


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