Saturday, September 4, 2021

September 2021 Healthinfo Island Topics

(Note: all images are linked to their associated Second Life locations.)

You can teleport to any of the eight displays and exhibits using the SLURLs in this blog. Click on the poster with the same name as the title of the poster set and you will get a notecard that contains all the text of the posters plus descriptions of the images. 

If you click each poster, you will get a message with additional information and live links.

Image of the central pavilion at Healthinfo Island
Central Pavilion of Healthinfo Island

Central Pavilion of Healthinfo Island

Check out the calming breathing exercise on the back wall!


I'm Tired of Fatigue!

Picture of woman yawning while driving a vehicle

20 Powerful Heart Health Foods

The words "20 Powerful Heart Health Foods" on a multicolored background

September 20-24 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week.

Be sure to take the risk assessment quiz at the link in the first poster.

Text "September 20-24 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week"

Why Bone Health is Important

Plant Foods We Should Cook Before Eating

Text "Plant foods we should cook before eating" on a green background

September is Preparedness Month

Picture of a child, her mother, and her grandmother preparing

Some Possible Reasons for “Brain Fog”

Some possible reasons for brain fog

Who's Who in Eye Care?

 Picture of a woman's brown eye

Thanks to Virtual Ability member Mook Wheeler for assistance with the posters this month.

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