Saturday, August 15, 2020

Things to Do - Tour of the virtual Peale Museum!

The Peale Museum in Second Life
The Peale Museum in Second Life

Tour of the virtual Peale Museum!
August 15, 2020  (8-11am SLT)

Rembrandt Peale’s Museum and Gallery of the Fine Arts opened in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, on August 15, 1814. It  was the first purpose-built museum in the United States, and is now a US National Historic Landmark. As of today, The Peale is the newest museum in the virtual world Second Life!

Current highlights of the virtual museum include the 3D interactive Peale Museum building and the virtual world exhibition, “Redefine/ABLE: Challenging Inaccessibility.” 

At 9am SLT, a panel of accessibility experts will discuss how historic buildings can be made accessible, in RL and SL.

Please feel free to explore inside the museum, pop through the door at the top of the stairs to see the accessibility exhibit. There are fun things to discover inside and outside the museum.

Read the Press Release from Linden Lab:

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