Friday, May 25, 2012

Advanced Use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Second Life

PRESENTER: Elric Anatine
Saturday May 26, 2012, 2 pm PDT
The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island, Second Life

While it is fantastic to be able to chat within Second Life®, and interact in a basic sense with one's environment, some individuals may find it useful to explore advanced features both within Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Second Life® to accomplish much more.

To be discussed are:
  • Using Dragon's MouseGrid Within Second Life®
  • Creating step-by-step Dragon commands for easier interaction with Second Life®
  • Creating very basic Advanced Scripting Dragon commands
  • Taking advantage of text and graphics commands (also available in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium)

Prerequisites:  Those who wish to benefit the most should already own and be comfortable with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional/Legal/Medical.  Other users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking may also benefit from some aspects of the discussion.  Resources will be provided with respect to optimal computer specifications, Dragon NaturallySpeaking versions, and so forth.  Resources and sample Dragon commands will also be provided.

Presenter Bio:  Approximately 15 years ago, Elric Anatine became stricken with computer-related repetitive strain injury, which resulted in severe, lifelong upper limb limitations and pain.  As a result, Elric taught himself how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and learned about other computer-related ergonomic devices.  This led to a career in providing speech recognition solutions.

Five years ago Elric entered Second Life® and almost abandoned the virtual world until he was introduced to the Logitech game pad for navigation and interaction.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking proved to be a disappointment at that time, but Elric remained ever hopeful that a day would come when it was more usable.  Thankfully, and hopefully, that day is now.

Elric presents in text, demonstrating the capability of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. If needed, voice transcription is available.

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