Friday, March 23, 2012

Rehabilitation for a Patient with Traumatic Brain Injury in the US and Japan

PRESENTERS: ALiesel and ScubbaSteve
Saturday March 24, 2012 noon PDT
Research Pavilion, Healthinfo Island, Second Life

For the tour:
Adaptation Home, Occupational Therapy Center

Around the world, interdisciplinary healthcare teams work together to care for people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. The presenters recently participated in a four-day web conference on this topic with Occupational Therapy students in Japan, and they learned a lot! Come hear how Occupational Therapists in the United States and in Japan work with other healthcare professionals to provide treatment for patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Following the presentation, please join the presenters at the Thomas Jefferson Occupational Therapy Center for a brief tour of the Adapted Home, where we will view cognitve adaptations for a person with a traumatic brain injury. Use the landmark for the Adaptation Home above.

Presenter Bios:  ALiesel and ScubbaSteve are occupational therapy students at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  They work with Zsuzsa Tomsen as graduate assistants for the Thomas Jefferson Occupational Therapy Center in Second Life, which includes several exhibits: the Garden of Healthy Aging, the Adaptated Home and the Adapted Playground. 

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month
Presentation Co-Sponsored by Etopia and Virtual Ability

Presentation in text, with optional voice transcription.

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